The Bespoke Process

When we create Bespoke Ketubahs, we endeavor to create something that is identifiably personal and meaningful to the couple. Since we launched, we’ve created a process to help us do just that.


The Meeting


Great Things Happen Over COffee

Designing something that truly reflects who you are as a couple begins by meeting with you. If you’re nearby, let’s grab coffee! If you don’t live in LA, a skype call will do just fine. What we really need to do is see if one of our designers can help you figure out exactly what type of Ketubah will you suit you and your needs.

This is really just a great way for us to get to know you, and get to work creating something amazing for you.


During this Meeting:

  • Your Ketubist will discuss your preferences and style.

  • Your Ketubist will get to know you and get a feel for your aesthetic.

  • Discuss whether you’ll be needing a traditional or custom text.


The Sketch


Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day

This is when the cool stuff starts. Within a few days of your meeting, your Ketubist will share a first look at your Ketubah. This is a rough outline of the design elements you’ve discussed during the first meeting.

You’ll get the ability to critique the work, and help refine your Ketubah, making it the perfect document for your perfect day.


You will:

  • See your Ketubah come to life.

  • Provide feedback and design direction.

  • Begin working with our Ketubist on the Ketubah Text.


The Creation


Everything worth doing, is worth doing well

The Ketubist prides itself on being practitioners of our craft. We aren’t just artists or designers, we’re the Ketubist. During this time, we’ll work on every aspect of your Ketubah, whether it’s hand-cut, laser printed or something else entirely, to make sure that down to the letter, it’s perfect.


During This Stage:

  • Your Ketubah will be cut, drawn, painted, and/or written.

  • The Ketubist will send you updates and sneak peaks as it’s being created.

  • Sit back and relax! We’ve got you!


The Delivery


Count on Us

We know things will get crazier and crazier as your wedding date gets closer. So we make sure to do everything we can to make sure you get your Ketubah in enough time and in perfect condition. That’s why we ship or hand-deliver every Ketubah in art-safe paper, to make sure that your design stays safe until the big day. We also send an archival pen with every Ketubah to make sure that your witnesses’ signatures don’t fade.


Your Ketubah:

  • Will arrive on-time, ready to be signed.

  • Will come packaged in art-safe paper.

  • Will come with an archival pen, so your witnesses’ signatures don’t fade.


Are you Ready to Get Started?

Getting started on your Ketubah is as simple as submitting the form below! Fill out the form, say hello, and let us know when you’d like to get started on your project and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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