Our Story

We started Creating ketubahs in 2016. But we’ve been Designing for a long time.


The process of designing a Ketubah is the same as designing anything else. Our Ketubahs are designed by former architects, visual artists, and type enthusiasts, all of which believe heavily in the design process. Great design begins with truly understanding the client, and the item one is designing. Like designing a museum, Ketubahs have their very own set of restrictions, styles, and traditions. In the same way that great architects create spaces that are pleasing, efficient, and beautiful for their clients, our designers create Ketubahs that resonate deeply with our couples, and make meaningful memories for years to come.

the Ketubist created something that not only matched our style, but felt like it had a bit of ‘us’ in it.

It all started in 2016 by helping friends with their Ketubahs as they got married. After every Ketubah, we got better and better at helping our couples put together things that were meaningful to them. The act of creating Ketubahs has since become a part of our DNA, our way of living and engaging our internal creative soul.

In February of 2018 we launched the Ketubist because we saw that many couples needed someone who could make them something really personal and unique. Instead, couples either had to find an artist they liked, or buy a Ketubah from a local Judaica store. We thought that needed to change.

Our Mission is to help couples create the most meaningful, personal and beautiful Ketubahs for their special day. Our Ketubahs are the marriage of physical and spiritual, put together in ways that align with and internalize our couples personalities, tastes, and shared history.
— the Ketubist

We invite you to peruse our work and look forward to nerding about Ketubahs whenever you’re ready!