Our Work


In relentless pursuit of creating Ketubahs that are personal, meaningful, and beautiful; we internalize the concepts of professional, personal, passionate, and Perfection.



The Ketubist. The name is intentional. From the outset, the goal of this has been to be a Ketubist first, and everything else second. Every aspect of your wedding has a given professional, from Florist, to Wedding coordinator and Officiant. Shouldn’t your Ketubah be made by someone who specializes in Ketubahs?

The Ketubist does just that. While we specialize in papercuts, we’ve worked in a number of different mediums and can create something that matches you, not something that’s shoe-horned into our capabilities. Whether you’re looking for watercolor, hand-written text, thermography, or something a bit more unique, we can make it happen. We’re Ketubists after all.


This is the most meaningful day of your life. The binding of a couple forever. You’ve put so much effort in making sure every aspect of your big day is made just right for you, shouldn’t your Ketubah be personal as well?

Many times, couples have limited options for their Ketubah purchase. They can either find a Ketubah on an online marketplace, purchase one from a Judaica store, or maybe, find an artist they like and have one made in the artist’s aesthetic. At the Ketubist, we believe that your Ketubah should be a reflection of you, more than a reflection of someone else’s work.

We’ve made Ketubah’s that are inspired by Arabic architecture, favorite flowers, favorite dates, and more.




The Ketubah text, the decoration around it, and even the paper and technique used to make it, are infused with your passion for each other. We endeavor to take the meaningful part of your relationship and concretize them into design elements that show your passion for one another and make your Ketubah truly unique.

The same way that your passion for one another grows, we’re passionate about every Ketubah that comes through our studio. Every Ketubah is painstakingly designed and worked over from the text and fonts used, to the colors and paper chosen to make something that feels just right for you.


As a couple chooses each other as perfect in one another’s eyes, a Ketubah is the expression of that bond made real. Traditional Ketubahs have always been the meld of the spritual and physical elements of a relationship, melded together into something inextricably simple and yet filled with meaning. It’s a messy process, but in doing so we’ve been able to create something that matches a couple’s perfection for one another and make that perfection present in paper.

Just as our couples have spent time finding the perfect mate for themselves, so too we take time to make the perfect the Ketubah, for our clients.